Glorious Return to the About Page

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A couple years went by since escape #2. I guess I must have actually been working.

Meanwhile, Opendoor was growing like bananas. In early 2018 we had over 400 employees in 6+ markets. That’s a couple too many employees to fit on one about page! So we replaced it with a shorter description of the founders and executive team:

(JD and Ian are cut off, find them at

Now that everyone was off the page, naturally I had to be on it.

I decided to cheat this time and skip code review. What this situation called for was an A/B test!

Optimizely makes it easy to inject HTML into pages.

With a thrilling name like “About Page Copy”, I was pretty sure nobody would bother to investigate.

I think everyone deserves the enhanced experience.


Our about page looked like this for a week:

Credit to Varadh for being the first to find me! Varadh, I admire your dedication to quality control.

Posted on February 28, 2018